Rescue for Club Members

Berkeley is a 13 month old neutered male Landseer that was an im‐pulse purchase at a Phoenix pet shop.  He was passed to a family member when his owners got divorced.  Because Berkeley stayed outside and they live in an extremely warm town near Arizona, they contacted SCNRC to find him a new loving home.  Berkeley has been well cared for and is a lovely young boy.  He is being fostered by Korey and Brenda Green and their two daughters.  Their 7 year old Newfoundland Sebastian has lukewarm feelings about the puppy, so we hope to have him placed by the time you read this.
Special thanks to Dan Palmer for transporting this sweet boy and to Erin Zimmer for helping to acclimate him to his new environment, also to first time fosters, the Green family.
We cannot thank the Sones family enough for all the work they put into taking care of Dino.  He is “polypharmaceutically dependent” to say the least.  He takes lots of medications, eye drops, skin lotions and did we mention all the medicated baths???
Kudos to Susan and Drew for loving and taking care of this sweet old guy with really bad skin.  Kudos too to  Dr. Mabley and Arbor Animal Hospital for their assistance in improving Dino’s quality of life, and for all the meds they donate for his care.
Click here to download a Rescue Application or here to request addition information.