Southern California Newfoundland Rescue Corp

Do you really want to own a Newfoundland?

Can you stand hair and slobber?  There will be tons of both.

Can you stand having hair and slobber laminated to windows, walls, furniture, light fixtures, etc.?  You cannot be a clean freak with a Newf in your life!

Are you committed to approximately ten years of grooming, feeding, loving, picking up after and caring for a Newf?  The novelty of brushing wears off quickly.  Make sure you are ready for the commitment.

Do you have the time, patience and ability to train a puppy or retrain a large adult dog?  Perfect Newfs are made, not born.  Though benevolent by nature, their gentleness must be enhanced by training.  No one wants to be around a spoiled, slobbering, lumbering, jumping dog, no matter how sweet.

Do you have the time and dedication to groom this very high maintenance dog?  They shed a lot, drool a lot, and their skin should be monitored for hot spots, fleas, and itchies.  They must be brushed regularly and thoroughly.

Do you have the financial and emotional ability to deal with the health problems a Newfoundland may have?  Though responsible breeders are very careful, health problems do arise.

Do you know which health problems plague this breed?  The main concerns are hearts, hips, elbows, thyroid, eyes and allergies.

Do you have a fenced, secure, lockable yard?  Newfs can become escapees, and there are people out there who would not think twice about stealing a sweet big dog.

Have you been to dog shows and talked to breeders?  You can see Newfs at dog shows and ask breeders questions. 

Never be in a hurry to buy a puppy.  Wait for the right Newf to come along.

Interested in learning more about Newfoundland Rescue? Explore this website for more information about Newfoundlands or click on our calendar for upcoming events.

Note:  Although the Southern California Newfoundland RescueCorporation (SCNRC) and the Newfoundland Club of Southern California (NCSC) work very closely, they are separate organizations.  The NCSC hosts this page for SCNRC in order to uphold the Club’s initial objectives and because of its strong support for SCNRC and all that it does for Newfoundland dogs.  There is no legal relationship between SCNRC and NCSC.