In AKC Conformation the judge compares each dog to the breed standard, the written description of perfection for the breed. The dog and bitch that “conform” best to the Standard are awarded Championship Points, the number of which are based upon the number of other dogs entered of the same sex. These shows allow breeders to compare their breeding programs with others and have their progeny evaluated by a non-biased judge.

The Constitution of the Newfoundland Club of America's Guidelines for Regional Clubs urges that all members accept the AKC Standard of the Newfoundland breed as the standard of excellence.  As such, we, as many clubs do, hold a yearly Regional Specialty to celebrate our breed and their natural qualities that allow our Newfoundlands to perform their work in the most efficient and tireless ways.  Conformation shows are a means to hold our breed to the standard, to help preserve and protect the future of the breed.

The NCSC will be hosting the 2017 Newfoundland Club of America Regional Specialty in Indio on Friday, January 6, 2017.  In addition to this, Arizona's Mesquite Newfoundland Club will hold their Regional Specialty on Thursday, January 5, 2017, giving us two full days of Regional Specialities and then two days of supported entries with the Kennel Club of Palm Springs on Saturday and Sunday, January 7-8, 2017.

Please plan to join us in our celebration of the Newfoundland, where we hope to engage, educate, and embrace the breed we so love!

The Newfoundland Breed Standard | AKC Conformation Information