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The Newfoundland Club of Southern California provides three types of membership. Our meetings and activities rotate to all areas where our members reside. The membership categories are:

Category Annual Dues Description
1. Individual $35.00 An adult residing in the area served by the club. May hold office, vote and participate in all club activities.
2. Junior $5.00 Under 18 years old. May participate in all club activities, but may not vote or hold office. Includes complimentary access to PawPrints, our quarterly newsletter. May convert to regular membership at age 18.
3. Family $38.00 Two adults and any children under the age of 18, living in the same household. Adults have privileges of individual members, and the children of junior members. Must reside in the area served by the club.

VISITORS are invited to our Draft and Water Training events as a way to get to know members of the club before joining. Non-members are also welcome to attend any of our events as spectators, respecting the boundaries of the event and staying well back from them especially if they are accompanied by their dogs. Please check our "Calendar of Events" for dates and locations of upcoming events.  



Interested in Membership?  Please download an application.  Each application contains return instructions.  Alternatively, Contact Us to ask questions or to request further information.  We hope you will join us!

NOTE: Applicants for membership must mail a check for their chosen membership category with their completed application.  Our PayPal link should not be used by membership applicants.